The 'happiness' to be a dog in Bulgaria

I’m a dog. I was told that they loved me. Sometimes. When I sit on the terrace all day long and bark and howl because I am cold or hot I can hear strangers yelling at me: Stop! But my owner said he bought a pet in order to disturb the neighbours. Some of them have more expensive cars, and others look happy and have better jobs. But he only has me. He revenges himself on them in this way. I can’t understand if I am a revenge.
When I’m locked up in the flat, usually in the corridor, I‘m too bored and because of that I bark at least three hours without ceasing. When I’m tired I fall asleep for a while and then bark again. Nobody explained to me I could do other things as well. I gather that the dogs in Los Angeles and Germany are not allowed to bark more than ten minutes, in Switzerland barking is totally forbidden, and in Canada a doctor helps dogs to stop barking. Seemingly, I can do what I want. If there are so many persons who are stopped from sleeping by me, especially the ill, it means I tell them what to do. In that case why am I so unhappy? If you command others, is not it the best way to be happy?
In the morning or evening I’m out for a ten-minute walk, but it doesn’t happen every day. If I piss inside, my owner scolds me. One morning a woman with a very big belly scold him, too. She said,  ‘The dog prevents me from resting and I am going to have a baby soon, and it would be obstacle for its normal life’. I don’t hate the children. But he answered she must buy other apartment. So, I decide where people to live? I don’t remember I have ever said it, but he said he couldn’t live without me and because of that we were together on all  photos.

I have seen a lot of homeless dogs. When the lovers aren’t  in love anymore they leave their dogs on the streets. Then the dogs become very angry and want to bite everyone who isn’t in love. But there were countries where were built houses about abandoned animals. There they were fed, pet and taken for a walk. I wish I went for a longer walk. Instead, some evenings I get an empty bottle of mineral water which I bite and growl. And then somebody rings the door bell and asks about me. Sometimes my owner lies to them, claiming that I am not home. But where can I go without him? It’s said that the revenge is nothing without the man. Am I nothing?
They also said some dogs are taken for a walk more than me. They are owned by children, old women and single ladies. But the kids grow up, the old women die, and the single ladies find partners who usually have brutal shoes. And the walking turns into a dream which you lose many times. It's so exhausting.
I’m a dog of a Bulgarian. A man posted in a forum that one day in Bulgaria would left dogs only. Because we have more rights that the people, and we are one of the main causes for emigration. Actually, I don’t bark. I cry. I cry with anger tears, I cry because of sadness. I want to be a dog. But don’t want to stay here. I want to be in a place where people hate each other less. I will be more dog there.

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